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    Texarkana Catering

    Flour Child Fine Foods is all about community. There are no narrow job descriptions. Every employee is an integral part of the function and success of this farm-to-table catering business and upcoming downtown market.

    Chef Amanda (Raney) Horton attempts to provide an unmatched attention to detail in everything she creates. Throughout the preparation process, from beginning with the freshest, raw ingredients, to ending with the final product served to each client, Amanda injects her diverse background and thoughtful personality into everything served by Flour Child Fine Foods.

    Amanda's goal is to combine contemporary, traditional, and southern with fresh, seasonal, and local to create food that is vivid to the eye and appealing to the palate.

    Flour Child takes the time to research local vendors, actually getting to know the people behind the products incorporated into every dish and gourmet market entree. According to Amanda, "If slow food starts at home, then we are lucky to have Texarkana as our home base."

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